Eric James Photography | Ryan & Jasmine | Wedding at The HideOut - Kirkwood, CA

Ryan & Jasmine | Wedding at The HideOut - Kirkwood, CA

One of my favorite couples at one of my favorite venues.  Ryan and Jasmine's wedding at The HideOut in Kirkwood, CA was amazing on every level.   It is so refreshing to see couples who really want something unique and these two made their day just that.  Jasmine and Ryan found the venue (and myself) online searching for unique wedding venues.  They stumbled upon my photos from my first wedding at The HideOut a couple years ago and eventually ended up booking this "little cabin on the lake" and myself as a result.  I was truly honored and beyond grateful and excited to be going back to The HideOut, run by one of the sweetest couples you will meet, Tom and BJ.   Ryan and Jasmine really raised the bar of awesomeness with this one...from their home-made decorations, to the delicious food trucks, to the live band, and all the amazing lights they brought in, Ryan and Jasmine really put their own fingerprints on their day making it truly special.  Thank you Ryan and Jasmine for giving me all the trust in the world and allowing me to capture this special time for you!


Congratulations Ryan & Jasmine!



Thank you to the amazing team of vendors who contributed to the awesomeness! 
Eddy McLay - Magical Lighting Design
Cara & Rhonda - Forever Vintage Rentals
William L. Waterman - Silver Moon Big Band
Scott Brio - DJ (Guest and family friend)
Angela Zajic - Rah Hair Studio
Sarah Lofgen - Flour Girl Wedding Cakes
Michael Pavel - Hot and Healthy Foods Crepe
Mike Farrier - As You Wish Catering
Lizette Rios - LazySundae
Aimee’s Coffee & Expresso Bar
Diane Berdollt - Lead Shuttle Driver


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