Festival of Colors, 2012 | Utah

On March 24th and 25th, 2012, tens of thousands of people converged at a krishna temple in a small farming community south of Salt Lake City known as Spanish Fork for the annual Festival of Colors celebration.  Also known as Holi, the festival is adapted after the Indian culture's celebration for the beginning of Spring, and is considered the largest of it's kind in the Western Hemisphere.  


Organized by Utah resident and prominent wedding photographer Scott Jarvie, about 30 photographers active on Google Plus (My Profile), including some of the most well-known and talented such as Thomas Hawk, Lotus Carrrol, Karen Hutton, Colby Brown, and many more, met for a weekend photowalk full of good times, great people, killer music, awesome vibes, and of course, a ton of photography. 


The weekend that ensued was one of my most fun in recent memory, highlighted by the incredible party known as the Festival of Colors.  If you ask me, this event should be on everyone's bucket list.  I hope you enjoy the photos.  :)






And now...what most everyone comes for, done every two hours, the color throw...

(To give you a sense of the moment, these four shots were taken in a span of less than 2 seconds.)

This last shot was the one and only shot I took with my iPhone.  Funny that it ends up being my favorite.  It's all about the moments, and at this event, they're everywhere. 


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Photography by Eric James Leffler


Shahid Iqbal(non-registered)
Great work .... All photos are really interesting and very very fantastic!
My Blink Studio(non-registered)
WOW!!! This is some fantastic photography...nice job (found this on Twitter!!). Nice captures.
Merritt Brown/ Crick3(non-registered)
What a superb collection of color.
Sam Breach(non-registered)
Love seeing all your festival pictures together like this.
Eric James Photography
Thank you, Jon! Thanks for checking em out!
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